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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Galileo Galilei and Fundamentalism Part II

Hi All Earth members,

The term fundamentalism was originally coined to describe a narrowly defined set of beliefs that developed into a movement within the Christian community of the United States in the early part of the 20th century. Until 1950, there was no entry for fundamentalism in the Oxford English Dictionary and the derivative fundamentalist was added only in its second 1989 edition. The term fundamentalist has since been generalized to mean strong adherence to any set of beliefs in the face of criticism, but has by and large retained religious connotations.
The Iran hostage crisis marked a major turning point in the use of the term "Fundamentalism". The media, in an attempt to explain the ideology of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution to a Western audience which had little familiarity with Islam, came to describe it as a "Fundamentalist version of Islam" by way of analogy to the Christian fundamentalist movement in the USA Thus was born the term "Islamic Fundamentalist", which would come to be one of the most common usages of the term in the following years. So it is clear now that the Christianity was the origin of the terminology of fundamentalism and all religions with no exceptions have fundamentalists. I believe in the concept of freedom and also I believe in the concept of religion and I am proud that I am a Muslim and I have chosen to be a Muslim.
I believe in the concept of the laws and all of us should respect the laws and if we mix all these concepts with the appropriate amounts we will conclude that Fundamentalists are the main enemy of our humanity and as I have mentioned several times that, they exist in all religions and in all ideologies and they do not accept the others and it is too much easy for anyone of them to kill in the name of his religion and I think history is a clear proof for what I have mentioned. We should unite against these people and we should fight for our freedom and for our humanity. You are free to believe in what you want and you are free as long as you will not harm anyone including yourself but you are not free to attack me or to kill me or to destroy me in the name of your religion or in the name of your ideology because I am sure it is in the name of power or money not religion as they used to mention. Fundamentalists who I used to call them Psycho people or terrorists in the past are the same in the past and in the present and they will be the same in the future. All of us are brothers in humanity and all of us should help each other and all of us should love each other because all of us are free humans and all of us have the ability to think and to understand.
I wrote that article to prove that we are not terrorists and the Muslims are the most peaceful people in history and nowadays. We do not agree with the ideology of the Islamic fundamentalists but they killed several thousand only but the real terrorists and the real fundamentalists like Hitler, Stalin,…….and G.W.Bush have killed several millions and Hitler, Stalin,…….and G.W.Bush weren't Muslims so who are the real terrorists !!?.