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Thursday, 27 May 2010


I thought to write this article as a concrete proof that most of my writings in the website of my previous Korean university and my own blog were completely right. I wrote two important articles here in this blog which are " The Creative Pharaoh " and " The Meaning of Creativity " in last January and they summarize my vision to science in General. I think the concept of the SENIORS is one of the most famous things in South Korea specially and in the whole world generally. A very shocking accident happened in one of the schools in South Korea. This accident happened after I had left Korea and returned back to Egypt which proves that I was right. South Korean police investigators said the teenagers whose naked images appeared online recently were actually threatened into stripping off by some high school seniors.

According to the victims, they received short messages from the seniors before the ceremony, telling them to join the naked celebration and warned of serious consequences if they refused to come. Those responsible for forcing teenagers to strip naked in a graduation ceremony at a South Korean middle school are to face sexual violence charges, according to police officials. South Korean president said that education reform is one of the country's top agenda items this year, promising to reside over a monthly meeting on changing the public education system.

I used to write proposals to enhance the system of my Korean university. Lots of Korean professors agreed with me and supported my vision but some other professors became angry because of my writings in my own blog and in the website of my previous Korean university because I criticized politely two serious flaws of the Korean educational system which are the coping strategy and the concept of seniors or in other words the psychology of the Korean students which is guided by fear. I didn't care about their anger because I believe in what I am writing and I wanted to help. I have introduced clear solutions to these flaws with proofs. Although, they were angry but they executed some of my proposals to solve these problems !!.

The concept of seniors isn't among the students only but it is among some professors also. I had a big problem with a very powerful Christian professor so several Korean Christian professors persecuted me as an indirect help to their senior professor. One professor came to the lecture and put in the first page in the presentation that " Jesus will save us " through some pictures and a story to tease me although I am a Muslim in front of him and the course was about optoelectronics and the whole people in the university was talking about my problem about Insulting Islam. I have more accidents like this but this is just one example. I was going to report these accidents to the administration but one professor advised me to ignore them for my safety. Also, I still remember what happened to Omar who was a Tanzanian Muslim Student who has a big problem with the same Christian professor. He was an excellent student with very good publications but he told me that they failed him in the PhD examinations and forced him to leave the institute and till today he is fighting to get his rights but he couldn't !!?.

A similar situation happened to the wife of a doctor in a Korean university and her husband was my friend. Her Christian advisor told her to remove her headscarf or to change the laboratory and she said No and she had been saved also by a generous Korean professor who took her to his laboratory to save her future. I think morals and science are one thing. Nowadays, we Should teach our children when they should say No because the main object of any educational system is to raise a good citizen in first principle. Conversations and discussions are 70 % of any good educational system or good marriage.

If you want to make enemies, try to change something. A Woodrow Wilson Quote.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
A Gandhi Quote.