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Saturday, 24 October 2009

ICNS Conference And Jeju Island

I have attended The 8th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (ICNS2009) which was held in Jeju island in South Korea which is located in the ocean. My advisor was the general chairman of this conference so most of the scientists was knowing our group and I had lots of discussions and cooperation. I enjoyed Jeju island too much and I enjoyed food, fish, Barbecue party with my laboratory members, Natural scenes, The Ocean ……… and Korean people. But I enjoyed science too too much. One of the people who are with me in the pictures is the famous Prof.Dr.Schubert  who is a pyramid in optoelectronics and most scientists have his famous book. I had the honor to have a constructive discussion with him !!! Also I have enjoyed hard discussions and hard criticism in sessions !!!. I was honored to have lots of new friends from France, Germany, UK, …….and Korea. All of them were so much cooperative generous scientists and all of us have enjoyed this beautiful well organized conference. I have  participated in several international conferences but this was the best.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Wisdom Of Old People

I was talking with professor Seong-Ju Park two days ago after having dinner with all laboratory members about something in my life and he asked me about the reason so I told him because my mother told me that so he smiled and he asked me about the job of my mother. I told him that she is a housewife and she cannot read or write but I trust in her wisdom too much and she is my whole life. I am still a child with respect to my parents and also I am still a child with respect to my old professors because they are old and I am still young. We cannot get wisdom and experience from books only.
last two years, I used to talk to several old professors here in GIST and usually I listen to them like a child who is seeking wisdom from old teachers. Several professors in GIST told me that I am very good in Quantum Mechanics and too much creative and also they wrote that in their recommendation letters for me. Each time I talk to my advisor I feel that I am still young and I do not know too much because my knowledge with respect to his knowledge in science is small and also this is one of the reasons which made me happy that I have an old professor. I hope from my God to give my parents a very long healthy life because we are in a deep need for their advices and guidance in science and in life till the end of my life..
Old people are the light for us to see our future.
A Hassan Elsisi Quote.
-       Obama and the 82 years old woman

My Birthday

Today is an important day in history because it is the Korean armed forces day so it is a very important day in Korea. I would like to send my greetings to the great Korean army. Also, it is the national day of China so over than 1000 millions are celebrating that day.
It becomes more and more important day in history because it is the day which I was born in…hehe. Although, I did not become a millionaire and I did not receive a Nobel Prize till now but I am still young and I will keep trying...hehe.
I think this year was the most difficult year in my whole life but I am satisfied of my performance and I think I was very good and I have passed successfully all my exams in life and in science. I am so grateful to the men of honor who helped me, my loyal friends, and my parents. I am so much grateful to my God that I am still alive and healthy because really, I want to achieve all my dreams as fast as possible and I am sure that I will achieve them God willing.