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Friday, 20 August 2010

The 1st Birthday Of The Creative Pharoh

Happy Birthday !! Today will be the 1st birthday of my Blog " The Creative Pharaoh ". I dream to have lots of children but I think this Blog is my first beautiful child. I have written 55 articles in the first year and all of them are connected. About 2700 peoples visited my Blog in the last 4 months only which means about 10,000 peoples visited my Blog in the last year beside several articles from my Blog had been published in several journals, Facebook, and as comments in several websites all over the world. 

I advise the people who are following my Blog and the people who are willing to visit my Blog to ………….

1. To read all the articles in this Blog before forming a vision about my writings because all of them are connected.

2. All the pictures in each article are very very important and can be enlarged by clicking them.

I think I have achieved all what I want from this Blog till now and I am satisfied of my performance and many thanks to Allah.

Hassan Elsisi

وما كان بى من توفيق فمن الله وحده
وما كان بى من سوء فمن نفسى والشيطان

Friday, 6 August 2010

Libya AND South Korea

Yesterday, Newspapers announced that Libya is asking for one billion dollars from South Korea as a recompensation. Also, reports are talking about a spying and missionary scandal between Libya and South Korea which is a clear proof that Hassan Elsisi is genius. One year ago, an Indian professor wrote in the bulletin board of my previous Korean university that Hassan Elsisi is genius in a comment and I was happy too much at that day because that statement was in public in front of all people in the university.

I am sure that all the people who are following my Blog will be sure of each word which I wrote in the last months in my Blog about spying and missionary in South Korea after that scandal. I have sent a message through the Korean embassy in Egypt to the prime Minster of Korea about the missionary operations against Muslims and I gave a tough warning to the Korean consulate in Egypt by emails and by the phone to keep South Korea away from the Arabian Islamic world and the Muslim students otherwise the Arabian world will take strong reactions. Also, there were Egyptian employees who were following the problem in the Korean embassy in Egypt so I was sure that the Egyptian government knew everything but I did not want to involve Egypt directly in this issue because I wanted to make this problem between South Korea and the whole Islamic Arabian world!!. I think they did not want to listen to my advice to stay away from us so the Libyan government arrested two missionary Korean people in the last weeks and also they deported a Korean diplomat after accusing him of spying which are clear proofs that I have the talent to expect very well and all my expectations in the last 6 months in this point became true and I want to mention that the Libyan problem was just a beginning !!?

Several months ago After, I had complained to the prime Minster of Korea, the Korean consulate in Egypt asked to meet me and he advised me to forget about the missionary people who tortured me in Korea and to continue my future because he is like my older brother and he was giving me the right advice. I said No and it is a question of  principle because it isn't about Hassan Elsisi only but it is about all Muslims and I want to set a rule for the missionary people in Korea to stay away from all Muslims. He insisted to walk with me till the door of the embassy after our discussion as a form of appreciation and at the door he tried to imply that he will bring me my money which I lost because of persecution only without an official apology but I became angry again at the door in front of the Egyptian employee and I said the apology of the Christian professors or to remove them from their positions before my money because I told you two requests and I will take both of them so his face became red. After one week, while we were talking in the phone he talked to me by a way which I did not like at all and I became angry because he said that they are just two ignorant professors and the Korean government isn't guilty so I told him Korean government should remove them from their positions and should bring me my money back otherwise it will be guilty and it will be supporting missionary operations !!?.
As usualeverything is registered officially through emails between me and the Korean ministry of foreign affairs. I thought to write this article to tell the Korean ministry of foreign affairs that wining is the only options for people likes us and I promised that I will take all my rights back and I will do In Sha Allah.

وما النصر إلا من عند الله

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Ramadan AND Happiness

Ramadan is a very beautiful holy month and I used to get all what I want each year in this month !!. I believe in that ALL what we get in our life are gifts from our God in first principle so I used to ask Allah all what I want each year in this month and he used to give me as usual because God is too much generous. I am not too much religious because I used to do many mistakes in my life but I think I love my God and Islam too much and they are my first priority in life and I am sure that God will forgive me because he is too much compassionate. I used to be too much happy in this month and most of my victories in my whole life had been done in Ramadan so I become too too much happy in this month. Also, the first article in this Blog had been written in the first day of the last Ramadan so the next week will have the first birthday of this Blog.

I feel that the creative pharaoh Blog is my first beautiful child in this life. I think if Muslims use this month in the right way then we will get all what we want because God asked from us to ask him and he promised that he will give us what we want. I pray God that all the Islamic countries will be freed soon and God bless all Muslims.

Happiness is a very delicious feeling and I become like a child when I am happy. I think understanding the universe or the compassion you can get from someone you love are the most beautiful joy you can get ever in your life. Also, you will feel the real meaning of happiness if you find someone who can share it with you.

أهنئكم وأهنئ العالم الإسلامي بحلول شهر رمضان المبارك
يا رب نصلى القيام قريبا فى القدس
ان شاء الله