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Friday, August 20, 2010

The 1st Birthday Of The Creative Pharoh

Happy Birthday !! Today will be the 1st birthday of my Blog " The Creative Pharaoh ". I dream to have lots of children but I think this Blog is my first beautiful child. I have written 55 articles in the first year and all of them are connected. About 2700 peoples visited my Blog in the last 4 months only which means about 10,000 peoples visited my Blog in the last year beside several articles from my Blog had been published in several journals, Facebook, and as comments in several websites all over the world. 

I advise the people who are following my Blog and the people who are willing to visit my Blog to ………….

1. To read all the articles in this Blog before forming a vision about my writings because all of them are connected.

2. All the pictures in each article are very very important and can be enlarged by clicking them.

I think I have achieved all what I want from this Blog till now and I am satisfied of my performance and many thanks to Allah.

Hassan Elsisi

وما كان بى من توفيق فمن الله وحده
وما كان بى من سوء فمن نفسى والشيطان