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Thursday, 29 July 2010


The situation in America and Europe became very very bad against Muslims so I took a decision to complete my PhD in an Arabian university and I have been welcomed in a very prestigious group and I am expecting to start my PhD soon in a very respectable prestigious Islamic university and I have already cancelled several contacts with Europe to get my PhD from there. Yesterday, I have received an email telling me that I was eligible to get a PhD position in a very prestigious European university but at the end they chose another person because of his high academic records so I wrote the " previous article about trusting in God " and I will complete today.  

1. Prof.Dr.Yong Tak Lee was the first one to help me in Korea and also he was the last one to help me in Korea. He is a very famous professor in Nano-Semiconductors not in Korea only but in the wole world and you can make your own research in internet about him. He is one of the advisors of LG which is the company No.1 in the whole world in displays. Also, it is very important to mention that he is not a Christian

2. Prof.Dr.Yong Tak Lee wrote that " Hassan Elsisi is an outstanding extemporaneous speaker and debater ". I didn't know the meaning of the word extemporaneous before. This adjective is one of my best adjectives in my whole life because rellay it is analyzing me and describing me very very well. I have never lost any debate in my whole life till today because I believe in logic and proofs. I think all the professors knew that about me from my emails to the administration, my proposals in the bulletin board and the department seminars in Nanotechnology. I took two classes with him in share with a Russian professor and they gave me A in both classes. Prof. Lee has a very good advanced MBE device in his laboratory which we didnot have in our laboratory. I had a very very good relation with him and I was in  a deep need for that device to achieve my new proposals and I begged my new advisor several times to let me cooperate with him but my advisor refused for our research security. I am Muslim so I had to obey my advisor orders because it is a question of fidelity and respect.

3. As long as I was talking about grades, I will mention two important stories. 
a. I took a class with a christian professor and his exam was take-home exam. I got 100 % in the Midterm exam and I was number one in the class. We exchanged 3 emails about the final exam and he assured that it is take-home exam. He made two votes with the students and all the students said we want take-home exam. Before two weeks of the final exam, he decided to change the exam to ordinary exam so I went to his office and I told him that isn't acceptable and I will be happy with the B which you will give to me. Of course, he gave me B as I expected exactly because God gave me the talent of high expectations. Several Korean students became my close frindes after that accident because they became sure that I am under persecution from several christian professors to loose my academic records. I donot believe in grades at all so I wasnot so sad of loosing my grades but I was sad of persecution. 

b. Professors used to give us a sheet to evaluate each course after each exam and we should give it back to them. I wrote in one class that the professor cannot speak English well and the class has lots of disadvantages and I gave it to the professor " in his hands as usual ", so he gave me B in his class...hehe. After, two weeks I wrote a proposal in the university bulletin board to make the evaluation process in secret with the administration and I mentioned that accident. The administration welcomed my proposal and they changed the whole process to a secret process through internet and they made his class in share with another professor and the students became happy...hehe. Also, he is a very religious Christian.

4. Prof.Lee was the first one and the last one who helped me in South Korea. 
a. The first time when he decided to take me to his laboratory after I had insisted to leave my first laboratory because my first advisor insulted Islam but the department refused and the head of department threatened me that I will be attacked by all Christians in the future. Prof.Lee is a very very powerful person in the university so he made a phone call in front of me which forced the head of the department to sign the application of my transfer to another department after the department had refused to let me continue my future in his laboratory. Really, he is a great scientist and he is a great human because he insisted to help me and to save my future by helping me to go to another department by his power because the head of the department refused for 21 days to sign this application beside he forced a Tanzanian Muslim student to leave the university.

b. The second time when he offered to give me " a special recommendation letter " to Samsung or LG companies after my advisor had refused to give me that letter. My new advisor loved me too much and I loved him too too much. He is a very creative generous talented exceptional professor but he couldnot understand my situation. Four days before my M.S. defense, the university of Southampton in England contacted me to meet me in Egypt because they want to give me a scholarship. I told my advisor so he became angry and he accused me in his office that I am coward and I want to escape from my problems with Christians by going to another university so my eyes became full of tears but I couldn't reply to his insultance to me because I love and I respect him too much beside his insultance to me was a form of love to me.  I wasn't  coward but they are too many and I was alone beside my life was in danger after their real threats. Till today, the conservative Christians are making troubles for me and I have a strong feeling that they blocked me of continuing my PhD in several places in the world after I had complained to the Prime Minster of Korea

Also, my advisor wanted from me to stay the last three months in his laboratory after finishing M.Sc.. They sent me several emails to teach the students my new technique of simulations and to teach them how to execute my last two new proposals and of course I have all the emails for all the stories which I am talking about in my Blog. I said No and I donot want to continue in this laboratory with those conservative Christians or to teach anyone of them anything so he refused to give me a letter to Samsung. I met with Prof.Lee and he was generous as usual and he welcomed to give me a strong letter so I can secure a job in Samsung or LG for 1 year before starting my PhD. Really, I started to feel that my life was in danger in my last months in Korea so I preferred to go back to Egypt and to forget everything about the letter or LG or Korea. Both of them are great professors, and I am so grateful for both of them and both of them will be in my heart till the end of my life. Korea should be proud to have professors like Prof.Dr.Seong Ju Park and Prof.Dr.Yong Tak Lee.
"""  I Trust In Allah  """

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I used to mention that there are big differences between sex, love, and marriage although most people used to use them for the same meaning. Also, I have to admit that although, I am brave and too much courageous but I am afraid too much of the responsibilities of the marriage especially in this strange new cruel world. I used to delay this step of my life and I used to search for obstacles and reasons to cancel any trial for me to form a family and to have a wife because really I am afraid of the commitment. The stupidity of lots of women and the stories from my married friends increased these feelings inside me to stay single as much as I can. I loved several girls through my life and I still have good memories for all of them because really I loved them. I believe in that marriage is a very big project and it is something holy which should be done for the sake of Allah. Husbands and wives should support each other so my wife is something precious in my whole life. Understanding and harmonization are the magic words of any good marriage.  

I need a woman to support me to achieve my dreams and to construct with me a good family. I am looking for a religious compassionate smart sensitive educated woman to be my wife. I hope to find a woman someday, so I can tell her that You complete me, Would you marry me !!?. My wife will be my mother, daughter, friend, love, and my wife. My children will be one of my biggest achievements in my whole life so I am looking for a woman who has the ability to take care of my children and to raise them as good Muslims. I love children too much and I hope to have many of them. Now, I think that I have the enough courage and the ability to form my family and I trust in God that he will help and support me.I hope and I will do my best to get married in 2011 and I pray God to give me a good wise wife soon God willing.

وَمِنْ آَيَاتِهِ أَنْ خَلَقَ لَكُمْ مِنْ أَنْفُسِكُمْ أَزْوَاجًا لِتَسْكُنُوا إِلَيْهَا وَجَعَلَ بَيْنَكُمْ مَوَدَّةً وَرَحْمَةً إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لَآَيَاتٍ لِقَوْمٍ يَتَفَكَّرُونَ 


The article today is about a very important event today which is the leaking of some important information from Pentagon to wikileaks website and I expect that it will be a very very  important article.

WikiLeaks has released a document set called the Afghan War Diary, an extraordinary compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. I will comment in details but I will start the story from the beginning. 

1. I have mentioned several times that the movie SEVEN is one of the best movies in cinema history ever and I have watched it over than 20 times because I am fond of watching movies and reading books several times. Today I will explain one of the most important ideas in that movie which is the idea of collecting data and information by CIA and FBI. In this movie, they caught the criminal through the books which he borrowed from the library so from the first day I watched that movie in 90's I realized that every thing is traced by CIA and FBI and even by governments through " all the internet services " !!?. I think this piece of information is one of the most important informations in my whole life. From the first day which I used internet services, I used to open all kinds of websites and all kinds of knowledge and all kinds of videos through internet although I don't watch half of them but by this way No one will have the ability to analyze your psychology or your research through internet or to attack your computer. I am sure that all the emails can be hacked easily without any exaggeration. Also, I have never put pictures about my own special life in my Blog for my privacy safety although I have hundreds !!?. 

I remember that the English intelligence accused several Pakistani students that they are terrorists because they were watching some 911 clips in YouTube...hehe. Also. one day they attacked an Egyptian plane by a rocket but later they mentioned that it was a suicide operation because the recordings said that the pilot said no God but Allah before the explosion...hehe. It is something important in your life to have stupid enemies...hehe. The purpose of this introduction is to clarify that " all internet services " are major tools for all governments and intelligences to collect data and information about people and for delivering data by indirect method !!?

2. I think the ISI Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence is one of the strongest important intelligences in the whole world. I will mention a very important story which we should look into it carefully. While I was in Korea, I met with a Nepalese friend who told me a story about his roommate and I became sure of that story from the Pakistani students themselves later. His roommate was a Pakistani student and both of them were in Myongji University. He told me that the Pakistani student arranged his stay in Korea after he had finished his degree but the Pakistani intelligence took the mother of that student and they let her make a phone call to her son which forced him to go back to Pakistan in 4 days. From that day I realized that lots of the Korean systems are under the control of the Americans and there is an intelligence war through the students in South Korea and all the international students knew that. 

3. I wrote several times before that Taliban is under the control of several intelligences in the same time so the informations in the leaked report isn't new at all but Americans has huge troubles in Afghanistan nowadays, so they are looking for someone to put their failure over his shoulder. I think and I have a strong feeling that Americans themselves who released that report to take the American people anger to a different direction. Also, I think this is natural because CIA is making operations inside Pakistan so it is expectable that ISI will make operations inside Afghanistan. Also,I expect that several other intelligences are involved in Afghanistan. Russians did a big mistake by going to afghanistan and also Americans did the same mistake.

All internet services  are major tools for all governments and intelligences to collect data and information about people and also for delivering data by indirect method

A Hassan Elsisi Quote.

وَعِندَهُ مَفَاتِحُ الْغَيْبِ لاَ يَعْلَمُهَا إِلاَّ هُوَ وَيَعْلَمُ مَا فِي الْبَرِّ وَالْبَحْرِ وَمَا تَسْقُطُ مِن وَرَقَةٍ إِلاَّ يَعْلَمُهَا وَلاَ حَبَّةٍ فِي ظُلُمَاتِ الأَرْضِ وَلاَ رَطْبٍ وَلاَ يَابِسٍ إِلاَّ فِي كِتَابٍ مُّبِينٍ

Saturday, 10 July 2010

South Korea And North Korea

I thought to write this article after I had finished my article about Iran and Arabs because they are connected. I believe in that If we call physics as the mother of all sciences then we have to call history as the father and I believe in that history repeats itselfI think I am fond of History, Cinema and Politics because I am a physicist. Jimmy Carter is one of the greatest politicians in history ever and also he was a physicist beside both of us have the same birthday. He was the president of USA who made peace between Egypt and Israel. James Cameron is one of the greatest directors in cinema history ever and also he was a physicist. He was the director of Titanic and I have learned from him the technique of self teaching because I have watched more than 500 scientific video lectures after reading his biography. I think to be a physicist that will give you a different taste for life. I will try to analyze the problem between South Korea and North Korea but from a different angle and I will start with my previous Korean university as an introduction. 

Two Indian students told me an old story which had happened in my Korean university and it was an important story which formulated my life in Korea and my strict behavior with Korean students. There was an Indian student who had been slapped by a Korean student because a problem between them but he couldn't reply to that Korean student but he kept crying for days because of the weak react of the administration to this accident. An American student knew what happened later so he went to the Korean student and he slapped him in front of that Indian student as a revenge because both of them were friends. The administration couldn't do anything to that American student or even to touch him and the Indian student who had been slapped escaped from the university without completing his degree although he was in his last semester in his M.Sc. because he felt humiliated too much. After one month of my life with Korean students and watching their behavior with foreigners I was sure that this story was completely true. Also, I remembered two important things now about the American and Indian students and I thought to mention them. 

The administration wanted to bring an American student to my room but I refused and the problem continued for 10 days and they were going to dismiss me from the dormitory but I insisted till they took him to another room. I don't hate Americans but I hate the American policy. An Indian student asked from me to help them by telling the administration to take care of the international students because several international students spent 7 years in PhD without a single publication and as usual I cannot say No to anyone who is asking my help. I sent an email to the administration asking from them to take care of them because the students aren't happy and I explained the situation in details and they welcomed my proposal as usual but some professors became too much angry and I think this was the main reason that I didn't get any honoring or any prize from the university for my efforts to enhance the university because I asked for the rights of the other international students two months before my return to Egypt which made some people angry. The prize isn't important but my consciousness is too too much important for me.

After this introduction, I think now all people can imagine how much powerful and effective the Americans in South Korea and I hope from people to try to understand their psychology. So I think if we want to understand what is going on in Korea then we should look carefully about what had happened in Vietnam and it will be a disaster if the history repeated itself. America isn't afraid of North Korea but they are afraid of China to be involved in this war and this is the most important fact. Also, America isn't in Love with Koreans but it is using them as a base for missionary operations to all the world because Korea is the country number 2 in the whole world in Christian missionary. Also, Americans want to protect Japan in the same time and to use Koreans in very special intelligence operations because of their race and because of they aren't Americans so that will be advantage !!?. America was in Vietnam to fight communism and also they are in Korea for the same reason. 

As long as I was talking about missionary I remembered that One day I went to the hospital and one of those missionary people who was the doctor gave me wrong medicine to destroy my health and I started to feel very strange symptoms several times. I discovered that nasty behavior in a private clinic when the doctor in that clinic ordered me to stop this medicine because it was dangerous and wrong medicine !!?. I think Americans are not interested at all in churches or Christianity but they are using them in politics in all places in the world and especially in the Arabian countries nowadays !!?.

The north Vietnamese killed hundreds of thousand of the southern Vietnamese and America left them without any real protection or any real cover which was a real disaster in the American history. The war in Vietnam also started by a fabricated false story about attacking ships like the story of the sank ship of South Korea. I think America wanted from the story of the sank ship to keep its military forces in Japan and Korea because lots of Japanese asked from them to leave beside it was an introduction to the American people because they are so close to attack Iran from my point of view. I think America will not have the courage to attack North Korea this time because it is a nuclear country beside they are afraid of China but I expect that North Korea will attack South Korea sooner or later which I hope and I pray that will never happen because it will be a real disaster for the whole world not South Korea only !!?.

The cold war had been stopped in TV's and newspapers only.
I think missionary and churches all over the world are the American lethal weapon now and in the future.

Hassan Elsisi Quotes.

بأسهم بينهم شديد تحسبهم جميعاً وقلوبهم شتى ذلك بأنهم قوم لا يعقلون

Friday, 9 July 2010

Iran And Arabs

Yesterday, The Washington Times reported that a United Arab Emirates official believes a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities should be seriously considered if international sanctions fail to stop the Islamic Republic's quest for nuclear weapons so I thought to write this article. I have mentioned several times I had big problems with the the conservative Christians in Korea and they persecuted me too too much because I refused their hatred on Islam. Also I refused their missionary operations against Muslim students and workers which are conducted by money and power not by persuading and I have sent a message to the prime minister of Korea and I have told the Korean ministry of foreign affairs to stop these kinds of missionary operations through their Korean embassy in Egypt otherwise the Arabs will deal with this situation by different ways. Today, I will mention a very important story as an introduction to this article because lots of people around the whole Islamic world and especially in Pakistan are supporting The Iranian ideology which is a real disaster. 

In April 2009, while I was in South Korea, the Egyptian Intelligence announced that they arrested a Hezbollah terroristic group and Hezbollah is Shia as all people know. I wrote an article in the website of the Korean university that I am too much happy and proud of the Egyptian intelligence and because of this occasion I wrote a new proposal for the administration to enhance the university. Several students and professors were too much happy of my new proposal about constructing an advanced English language center in the university. Unfortunately, there was a student from Pakistan who was fond of Iran and an Egyptian researcher who was hating our Egyptian government too much and both of them made some real troubles for me later but in secret because they couldn't understand. I think both of them are good Muslims but they are too too much ignorant.

If we mention Iran and Hezbollah then we have to mention their leader who is Imam Khomeini. I will avoid to give long details as usual but it is enough to mention that all Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and Egypt supported Iraq by all means in its war against Iran from 1980 to 1988 beside most of the Sunni Islamic scholars refused the ideology of Imam Khomeini and some of them like Ibn Baz and Al Albany said in public that he isn't a Muslim at all because he insulted our prophet and his wives and friends. I used to say that the Iranian nuclear program isn't a question of Arabs and Iran or America and Iran or Sunni and Shia but it is a question of the balance of power in the whole region of Gulf.

I think it will be impossible for the Arabian countries and the international community to allow for Iran to become a nuclear country for several reasons. Several days ago Fidel Castro said that he is expecting that Iran will be attacked in the coming months and I agree with his expectations but also I hope and I pray that they will attack the nuclear reactors only if they were forced to do that action to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon. The Iranian people are our brothers and sisters in humanity and I hope that they will not be attacked in this operation. Also, I hope that the international community will have the courage to force Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons to return the strategic balance in the middle east but I think this will never happen !!?

الواقع أنهم ما أعطوا الرسول حق قدره ..
الرسول الذى جد وتحمل المصائب من أجل إرشادهم وهدايتهم وأغمض عينيه وفى أذنيه كلمات بن الخطاب القائمة على الفرية والنابعة من أعمال الكفر والزندقة

الخمينى في حق الصحابة في كتابه كشف الأسرار