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Friday, 9 July 2010

Iran And Arabs

Yesterday, The Washington Times reported that a United Arab Emirates official believes a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities should be seriously considered if international sanctions fail to stop the Islamic Republic's quest for nuclear weapons so I thought to write this article. I have mentioned several times I had big problems with the the conservative Christians in Korea and they persecuted me too too much because I refused their hatred on Islam. Also I refused their missionary operations against Muslim students and workers which are conducted by money and power not by persuading and I have sent a message to the prime minister of Korea and I have told the Korean ministry of foreign affairs to stop these kinds of missionary operations through their Korean embassy in Egypt otherwise the Arabs will deal with this situation by different ways. Today, I will mention a very important story as an introduction to this article because lots of people around the whole Islamic world and especially in Pakistan are supporting The Iranian ideology which is a real disaster. 

In April 2009, while I was in South Korea, the Egyptian Intelligence announced that they arrested a Hezbollah terroristic group and Hezbollah is Shia as all people know. I wrote an article in the website of the Korean university that I am too much happy and proud of the Egyptian intelligence and because of this occasion I wrote a new proposal for the administration to enhance the university. Several students and professors were too much happy of my new proposal about constructing an advanced English language center in the university. Unfortunately, there was a student from Pakistan who was fond of Iran and an Egyptian researcher who was hating our Egyptian government too much and both of them made some real troubles for me later but in secret because they couldn't understand. I think both of them are good Muslims but they are too too much ignorant.

If we mention Iran and Hezbollah then we have to mention their leader who is Imam Khomeini. I will avoid to give long details as usual but it is enough to mention that all Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and Egypt supported Iraq by all means in its war against Iran from 1980 to 1988 beside most of the Sunni Islamic scholars refused the ideology of Imam Khomeini and some of them like Ibn Baz and Al Albany said in public that he isn't a Muslim at all because he insulted our prophet and his wives and friends. I used to say that the Iranian nuclear program isn't a question of Arabs and Iran or America and Iran or Sunni and Shia but it is a question of the balance of power in the whole region of Gulf.

I think it will be impossible for the Arabian countries and the international community to allow for Iran to become a nuclear country for several reasons. Several days ago Fidel Castro said that he is expecting that Iran will be attacked in the coming months and I agree with his expectations but also I hope and I pray that they will attack the nuclear reactors only if they were forced to do that action to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon. The Iranian people are our brothers and sisters in humanity and I hope that they will not be attacked in this operation. Also, I hope that the international community will have the courage to force Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons to return the strategic balance in the middle east but I think this will never happen !!?

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