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Saturday, July 10, 2010

South Korea And North Korea

I thought to write this article after I had finished my article about Iran and Arabs because they are connected. I believe in that If we call physics as the mother of all sciences then we have to call history as the father and I believe in that history repeats itselfI think I am fond of History, Cinema and Politics because I am a physicist. Jimmy Carter is one of the greatest politicians in history ever and also he was a physicist beside both of us have the same birthday. He was the president of USA who made peace between Egypt and Israel. James Cameron is one of the greatest directors in cinema history ever and also he was a physicist. He was the director of Titanic and I have learned from him the technique of self teaching because I have watched more than 500 scientific video lectures after reading his biography. I think to be a physicist that will give you a different taste for life. I will try to analyze the problem between South Korea and North Korea but from a different angle and I will start with my previous Korean university as an introduction. 

Two Indian students told me an old story which had happened in my Korean university and it was an important story which formulated my life in Korea and my strict behavior with Korean students. There was an Indian student who had been slapped by a Korean student because a problem between them but he couldn't reply to that Korean student but he kept crying for days because of the weak react of the administration to this accident. An American student knew what happened later so he went to the Korean student and he slapped him in front of that Indian student as a revenge because both of them were friends. The administration couldn't do anything to that American student or even to touch him and the Indian student who had been slapped escaped from the university without completing his degree although he was in his last semester in his M.Sc. because he felt humiliated too much. After one month of my life with Korean students and watching their behavior with foreigners I was sure that this story was completely true. Also, I remembered two important things now about the American and Indian students and I thought to mention them. 

The administration wanted to bring an American student to my room but I refused and the problem continued for 10 days and they were going to dismiss me from the dormitory but I insisted till they took him to another room. I don't hate Americans but I hate the American policy. An Indian student asked from me to help them by telling the administration to take care of the international students because several international students spent 7 years in PhD without a single publication and as usual I cannot say No to anyone who is asking my help. I sent an email to the administration asking from them to take care of them because the students aren't happy and I explained the situation in details and they welcomed my proposal as usual but some professors became too much angry and I think this was the main reason that I didn't get any honoring or any prize from the university for my efforts to enhance the university because I asked for the rights of the other international students two months before my return to Egypt which made some people angry. The prize isn't important but my consciousness is too too much important for me.

After this introduction, I think now all people can imagine how much powerful and effective the Americans in South Korea and I hope from people to try to understand their psychology. So I think if we want to understand what is going on in Korea then we should look carefully about what had happened in Vietnam and it will be a disaster if the history repeated itself. America isn't afraid of North Korea but they are afraid of China to be involved in this war and this is the most important fact. Also, America isn't in Love with Koreans but it is using them as a base for missionary operations to all the world because Korea is the country number 2 in the whole world in Christian missionary. Also, Americans want to protect Japan in the same time and to use Koreans in very special intelligence operations because of their race and because of they aren't Americans so that will be advantage !!?. America was in Vietnam to fight communism and also they are in Korea for the same reason. 

As long as I was talking about missionary I remembered that One day I went to the hospital and one of those missionary people who was the doctor gave me wrong medicine to destroy my health and I started to feel very strange symptoms several times. I discovered that nasty behavior in a private clinic when the doctor in that clinic ordered me to stop this medicine because it was dangerous and wrong medicine !!?. I think Americans are not interested at all in churches or Christianity but they are using them in politics in all places in the world and especially in the Arabian countries nowadays !!?.

The north Vietnamese killed hundreds of thousand of the southern Vietnamese and America left them without any real protection or any real cover which was a real disaster in the American history. The war in Vietnam also started by a fabricated false story about attacking ships like the story of the sank ship of South Korea. I think America wanted from the story of the sank ship to keep its military forces in Japan and Korea because lots of Japanese asked from them to leave beside it was an introduction to the American people because they are so close to attack Iran from my point of view. I think America will not have the courage to attack North Korea this time because it is a nuclear country beside they are afraid of China but I expect that North Korea will attack South Korea sooner or later which I hope and I pray that will never happen because it will be a real disaster for the whole world not South Korea only !!?.

The cold war had been stopped in TV's and newspapers only.
I think missionary and churches all over the world are the American lethal weapon now and in the future.

Hassan Elsisi Quotes.

بأسهم بينهم شديد تحسبهم جميعاً وقلوبهم شتى ذلك بأنهم قوم لا يعقلون