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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Wisdom Of Old People

I was talking with professor Seong-Ju Park two days ago after having dinner with all laboratory members about something in my life and he asked me about the reason so I told him because my mother told me that so he smiled and he asked me about the job of my mother. I told him that she is a housewife and she cannot read or write but I trust in her wisdom too much and she is my whole life. I am still a child with respect to my parents and also I am still a child with respect to my old professors because they are old and I am still young. We cannot get wisdom and experience from books only.
last two years, I used to talk to several old professors here in GIST and usually I listen to them like a child who is seeking wisdom from old teachers. Several professors in GIST told me that I am very good in Quantum Mechanics and too much creative and also they wrote that in their recommendation letters for me. Each time I talk to my advisor I feel that I am still young and I do not know too much because my knowledge with respect to his knowledge in science is small and also this is one of the reasons which made me happy that I have an old professor. I hope from my God to give my parents a very long healthy life because we are in a deep need for their advices and guidance in science and in life till the end of my life..
Old people are the light for us to see our future.
A Hassan Elsisi Quote.
-       Obama and the 82 years old woman