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Monday, December 7, 2009

My New Title And My Sweeping Victory

have received a new title. I am too much proud that I am A PHYSICIST and it is more than enough for me but now, I have got a new title from the Korean government which is AN ENGINEER.  The purpose of putting my M.S. degree in my blog is to show all people that Hassan Elsisi won his battle against the fundamentalism. Two powerful christian professors  in GIST swore that I will never get my degree and I will go back to Egypt with nothing but I am from Port Said which is the city of the great fighters so I had to win ….hehe. Beside I was the first one to make his defense and I was the first one to have three directors in his committee and I was the first one to make a thesis in the single photon device in the history of GIST so it was not just a victory but it was A SWEEPING VICTORY.  I don't believe in honoring or degrees but really I fought t to get this degree because it was a question of principle not  a degree. I had to complete writing this article after two months !!.                            

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