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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Art Of Photography

I am fond of Physics, Cinema, History, and Pictures because Physics is the mother of all sciences and history can tell you the future if you are smart enough. A picture can tell a story a thousand words can't. Any good movie is a good book in first principle. One of these pictures was my first picture in Korea while I was in the plane, and my last picture in Korea while I was in the airport and it was taken by one of my Korean friends while I was praying the Dawn prayer. I am not too much religious but really I love Islam and I am so grateful to my God for saving my life and giving me my degree. 

I will mention short details about each picture later. All these pictures are in China and Korea. These pictures are in the fastest train in the world in China while I was in a business trip for my previous Korean company, and in my office and laboratory in my Korean university, and in the kitchen of the dormitory with my Indian friends, and while I was giving a presentation in Apri institute last year  ..... etc.
My best trips in South Korea are in these pictures. These pictures have been taken in a Korean festival and in a Korean camp for children. I have lots of beautiful memories in this country. I had the ability to study the psychology of the Korean students in this camp through my discussions with the American and the Canadian teachers who are teaching them English beside I worked as a physics teacher for several years in Egypt. I love teaching too much and I think my main job is a teacher and my secondary job is a researcher.

This picture has a special memory for me because I was celebrating our Football team victory 4 - 0 against Algeria in this photo at my graduation day and I showed it to several Algerians .... hehe. I kept celebrating and dancing for several days in Korea and I phoned my mother after the match because I was so much happy. I was a Judo Player and I used to walk on the beach in my city each day at the dawn but I have no relation at all with Football and I don't know even the names of the players but I am crazy of Egypt.