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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Art Of Cinema

Hi All Earth members,
I am fond of Physics, Cinema, History, and Pictures because Physics is the mother of all sciences and history can tell you the future if you are smart enough. A picture can tell a story a thousand words can't. Any good movie is a good book in first principle. Now, I hope all people will understand and follow my messages style in this Blog. I will mention some beautiful movies from my point of view and I will post my comments about each movie in details later when I have enough time.
Scent of a woman, 28 Days Later, The Godfather I,II,III , The Butterfly Effect, The Silence of the Lamps, Red Dragon, The Rock, Shall We Dance, Tuesdays with Morrie, A beautiful mind, Forrest Gump, Legends of the Fall, Taxi Driver, Untergang Downfall, Phone Booth, Lion of the Desert, Heat, Scary Movie, The Sliding Doors, and Seven are great movies of all times.