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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a great singer and he was the king of POP. I was fond of his songs when I was young. I will choose only two songs for Michael to show that he was a real legend. I will choose the earth song which is talking about our earth and the second one is they don't care about us song which is talking about our humanity. I think Barack Obama became the president of USA because of several reasons and I think the second song is one of these reasons. The purpose of science and art from my point of view is to help and to enhance our earth and our humanity. Michael was a great person and I believe in that great people make great mistakes but it is better not to comment about his mistakes now because he is already dead. His father affected his psychology too much and his father made him unstable and psycho in some periods in his life. Life is beautiful and we should be grateful that we still alive. Money, sex, food, and power are not too much important at all but I think to live peacefully and to love all people and to work for your country as long as it is right and for our humanity is the most important thing in our life.
I think death is the only indubitable fact in our life. Einstein believed in that our life is deterministic from classical mechanics point of view and Feynman believed in that our life is probabilistic from quantum mechanics point of view and both of them are Nobel laureates. But I think both of them are wrong because both of them refused each other theory. I think our life is deterministic in itself but it is probabilistic for us in our experiments and measurements and I said that in a poster paper in an international conference. No one can know when he will die and no one can know his future or.....etc.
Life is a long journey or you can say it is an exam and we have to pass that exam. Some questions in life are mandatory and some questions you can ignore. Sometimes we have a difficult mandatory question and to answer that question you will have lots of enemies but I prefer to have a big number of enemies than to fail in my life exam. I will always be proud that I am a human and I will always defend my rights as a free human and I will always be truthful but I amnot happy that I have a big number of enemies who are psycho people.