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Monday, August 24, 2009

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is a very good movie which is directed by the famous Martin Scorsese. I do not agree with the main idea of the movie. I do not agree to change the bad things in your society " by force " because Robert De Nero at the end of the movie killed the sex trader but he couldn't kill the politician which symbolizes  the situation of the world  nowadays. I do not agree with this idea because this will give all people and anyone the right to kill or to do what he wants because he thinks that he is right. But I agree with the movie in that, some politicians and sex traders are the same. Both of them are the worse thing in our universe. If we call physics as the mother of all sciences, I think we have to call history as the father. If we look carefully in history we will find that the most stupid nasty cruel bad people in the whole history were politicians. Hitler was controlled by two destructive ideas and he killed millions to achieve his two ideas which got them from the famous writers Lamarck and Nietzsche. I hope all people will fully understand why did I say before that Shakespeare's works are more important than Einstein's works.
I was in China to attend a very famous international fair in Shanghai for my previous Korean company and really it is an amazing country and I enjoyed too much. A director of another company invited me for dinner and to visit the most famous street in that city. While we were moving a girl about 18 years old came and talked to me and offered herself for some money which if we transfer to dollars it will be about 20 $ only. I was shocked because she is really beautiful but I told her that I am sorry because I like white women only and really I am fond of white women but this was not the real reason of course. After 10 minutes a sex trader came to us with an amazing white girl and at that time I had to tell him the truth that I am a Muslim and we do not accept that kind of slavery behaviour. My eyes were full of tears because we made women like food. Animals don't have sex for money because sometimes the animals are more civilized than some dirty humans.
The most important movie in cinema history from my point of view is Seven and it explains in details why I did not agree with the main idea of taxi driver. Most of the world problems will be solved if we fully understand the main idea of seven because the extremists in any religion or in any ideology are doing the main idea of that movie. I think all religions without any exceptions have extremists or in other words fundamentalists. If we follow the news in the last weeks we will find them are explained in details in Seven and Taxi Driver.
- Please, watch this scene carefully.