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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Great Scientists

Hi All Earth members,
I have discovered since 10 years that Einstein and Feynman are just humans like us !!. Both of them are great scientists and they are Nobel laureates but I believe in that Einstein and Feynman and all the great scientists are humans like us so we also have the right and the ability to dream and to try to publish in Nature and to get a Nobel prize. Imagination is more important than knowledge and Einstein as a student he was no Einstein!!. I hope that all people will like my old discovery but also I would like to mention that Gauss is the greatest scientist in history from my point of view but he did not publish in Nature and he did not receive a Nobel prize so I hope that my whole vision about the scientists and science is clear now. I have attached the picture of Feynman because he is one of my best teachers ever. I have watched several video lectures for him which formulated my vision for Quantum Mechanics. He is an extraordinary teacher from my point of view.