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Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Opinion About Women

Hi All Earth members,
I would like to send my greetings and appreciation to my mother in Egypt who is the most precious woman in my life and she will always be the greatest woman who I have ever met in my whole life.

I believe in that women are humans but they are biologically and psychologically different than men. Women and men are not equal but both of us are humans but our main jobs in life are different and you can find a woman who is smarter and greater than one thousands man !!?. The main job of women in life from my point of view is to bear and to raise the children which is one of the greatest jobs in life at all so they are biologically different. Also, they are psychologically different to have the ability to deal with children and to deal with their husbands also because all men are just old children !!?. Women are more compassionate and sensitive than men and these are the most beautiful characteristics in any good woman. Also, women are too much smart and strong and I hope from all people to read the biography of Margaret Thatcher, Helen Keller, and Marie Curie to realize the meaning of a strong smart woman. Marie Curie has a Nobel prizes in physics and another Nobel prize in chemistry!!.
Usually we look at women and also women look at themselves from a limited point of view. We usually look at the beauty of women through their bodies only although the real beauty in any woman is hidden in her heart and it is clear through her mind and any smart man can feel this hidden beauty easily. I saw a very old Korean woman who is over 80 years old at least some weeks ago. I went to her and I sat beside her and I put my hands over her shoulders like I used to do with my mother in Egypt and I was so close to kiss her hands but I felt shy to do that but I asked from her to take a picture with me and she was with her two old daughters and they kept begging her to take a picture with me but she said that she is not beautiful nowadays !!?. So although she is 80 years old but she is still thinking in her beauty !!?.

I love children and old people because they are symbols of the innocence and our weakness. All humans are weak from my point of view and no one will feel proud or powerful or beautiful if he is smart enough. I think good women are the most beautiful thing in our universe for any man but they are not too much nowadays because the stupid men are too much nowadays.