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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Men Of Honor Part II

In the first picture, I am standing beside Prof.Dr.Un-Chul Paek while he is sitting. He is the oldest professor in our institute. His students are respectable prestigious professors nowadays. I talked with him about 15 times and each time was about 20 minutes while we were walking together in our campus. I am so proud that I talked face to face with someone like him several times. I cannot find words which can express how much I am so grateful to him and how much I love and I respect him. He is a living pyramid or you can say that he is a living legend. He is too much modest and civilized. The most important oral recommendation letter for me in my whole life was from him.
In the second picture, I am standing beside Prof.Dr.Noh Do Young in a classroom in GIST. I had the honor to be one of his students in his class. He is a very kind talented Korean professor and he was the first one who believed in my talent in Korea and he gave me lots of his time although, he is the director of a big Korean national scientific project  - NCRC- but people like him who brought Korea a great reputation by their talent and kindness. In the third picture, I am standing beside Prof.Dr.Yong-Tak Lee in a conference. He is a prestigious Korean professor and he is one of the best in the world in Nano semiconductors. He is the first one who helped me in GIST. I am so so much grateful for his great generosity with me. He gave me A in two courses with him. In the last picture, I am standing beside Prof.Dr.Heechul Choi in a party. He is a wise man and a great politcian. He is the director of international affairs and I used to call him Mr. Ambassador.