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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Men Of Honor Part I

In the first picture, I am with Prof.Dr.Seong-Ju Park who is my advisor and with all my laboratory members at our department sportive day. Prof.Park is a famous scientist inside and outside Korea and he is one of the best in the world in Nanosemiconductors. I used to say that he is a gentleman and he is well known in GIST as an extraordinary creative professor.
In the second picture I am with Mr. President Jung-Ho SONU who is the president of GIST and the previous president of Seoul national university and he is a major figure in South Korean higher education. He is the person who saved my future in South Korea and I am so grateful for his generosity because I decided to change SOFT Laboratory and to join NSL Laboratory after 5 months of my arrival to GIST so he helped me and supported me too too much by his power and wisdom. In the third picture I was giving a presentation in front of a German professor who is Prof.Dr.Kurt E.Geckeler and he is a great scientist besides being an extraordinary philosopher. I think GIST is a very prestigious institute and I am proud that I met with these great professors.
In the last picture, I am sitting beside Prof.Dr.Hassan Talaat in an international conference in Egypt. He was my advisor in Ain Shams university in Egypt and he is one of the main figures in Egypt in physics and in Laser technology. He was a college to Prof.Dr.Ahmed Zewail who got a Nobel prize 1999 in chemistry as a single winner and he is one of Obama's  advisors nowadays. I talked to Prof.Zewail  in the Egyptian Radio 10 years ago but I will mention the details later. Also, My advisor in Egypt is a friend to Prof.Dr.Mostafa El sayed who got the highest American medal in science 2008 in Nanotechnology and G.W.Bush who gave him the prize in a special celebration and also Prof.Mostafa was with us in this international conference in Egypt. All the three professors were friends in America and all of them are American Egyptians. Prof.Dr.Hassan Talaat is my Godfather and he is something big in my life and the first recommendation letter in my life was from him 5 years ago. These people in pictures are great humans and prestigious scientists and I am so grateful to all of them.