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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Meaning Of Creativity

One of my close friends in my institute told me that people will misunderstand my previous message and they will think that I am praising myself. I have six recommendation letters from six prestigious professors from Korea and Egypt so I am not in a need to praise myself beside I believe in that all humans are too too too much weak creatures. Any talent is a gift from our God in first principle so there is no need for anyone to feel proud or powerful or.....etc. I was only trying to give examples through true stories. All people will eat the apples when they fell down but Newton asked himself about the reason of falling !!?. I think the most important word in any dictionary is Why !!. I am in a deep need to mention that we used only Newton's Equations to put a satellite in the space !!?. 

I hope from people to read my previous article carefully because the relations between teachers and students are holy relations from my point of view which should be based on Mutual respect and freedom !!. Freedom will make creativity inside the students appears otherwise we are killing the talent inside the students. I think conducting science is moving in a very wrong direction nowadays in the whole world !!. There is a big difference between to create an idea and to copy or to mimic an idea. Also, there is a big difference between to be a researcher and to be a teacher because teaching is a talent in first principle and it is a very big responsibilty. I think fear is our main enemy in life and in science also.
All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
A Pablo Picasso Quote.