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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Haiti Earthquake

I feel too much sorry for what happened to the Haitian people and I am too much sympathised with them. I hope that all the nations all over the world will introduce a great help for them. Usually I used to look to science and to the events from wide angles and to form my own vision through different angles. I will discuss in the article the Criminals Industry, the Human Trafficking, the Sex Trade, the Nuclear Experiments and the Illusion of the Modern World Civilization. We can discuss them easily because all of them are connected and related to the Haitian Earthquake from my personal point of view. The Criminals Industry is one of the most important industries in humanity history. I believe in that criminals are made not born and the world used to make his own criminals which it deserves. What do we expect from the children in Iraq and Palestine when they grow up under these circumstances of torture and suffering !!?. What do we expect from the children in Haiti when they are used in pornography and sex tourism !!?. What do we expect from the children in Africa when they are used as soldiers to get food for their families !!?. What do we expect from the children in Vietnam, Filipino, ........and Indonesia when they are used as slaves to conduct sex with the European and the American rich people for money !!?. All people know very well that Osama Bin Laden had very good relations and had been trained by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We are too much good in making criminals because criminals usually are victims for previous big criminals. Money, Oil, .......and Power are the real rulers of our world.
The Human Trafficking is the fastest growing industry in the world. Haiti is one of the most famous countries in the world which is used in human trafficking and sex trade. The sale of babies and children for adoption is also another form of the human trafficking. The Nuclear Experiments are direct reasons for the strong EARTHQUAKES and TSUNAMIS which we had recently. Although, the western people are still fighting Iran and North Korea and I completely agree with them that we should prevent Iran of having a nuclear weapon but they are still running nuclear experiments in the oceans which cause earthquakes and tsunamis !!. It was better to help Haiti and the similar places in the whole world before the earthquake than to help them after the earthquake. we are one universe and all nations affect each other.
The Haiti Earthquake and the other similar events are messages from our GOD from my point of view. Although, I am a Muslim but also I am a scientist. I think it is a form of judgment or a punishment or as a warning for us as humans for what we had done !!. I think we deserve what we get. All these bad things should be removed from our world and all the real criminals should be removed from our societies. Lots of the real criminals are businessmen, ministers, and presidents !!. The Modern World Civilization is an illusional concept because animals are more civilized and more merciful than humans nowadays !!.