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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Old Conspiracy Against Egypt

The Pope of Egypt refused to discuss Nagaa Hammadi shooting with the delegation of the American Congress because it is an internal issue[an internal issue]. Egypt is a very very big Muslim country and I am sure that is clear. Our president is Hosni Mubarak not Barack Obama so no one and no country can tell us what to do because we know how to rule our country very well. Christians and Muslims love each other and we respect all people and all religions. I have bad news for our enemies that dividing Egypt can be done only in your dreams.......hehe. I will attach a very important picture and I hope from people to ask themselves about this picture and why the Pope of Egypt isnot in this picture !!?. Also, I will attach a collection of comments for me through a world wide discussion to prove to the people that it is an old conspiracy against Egypt not Nagaa Hammadi shooting. The Economist Journal deleted several comments for me and of course I know exactly why did they do like this !!?. I think I have won this discussion because some people agreed with me and some people escaped. Egypt is a very big Muslim country and Egypt is the home of the Muslims and Christians because both of them are Egyptians.
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