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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Last Message From South Korea

Recently, I used to open my blog and my emails three times only per month to protect my passwords so this will be my last message from South Korea. Omar was my best friend and my best brother in Korea ever. He is a Muslim Tanzanian student. He sent me an email asking from me to attend his graduation final ceremony several months ago before his travel to Tanzania. He was in a different university in Kwangju but also, he was a student in GIST long time ago. He told me that his sister was crying in Tanzania because no one from his family will be beside him at that day. I told him that I will attend because he is my brother and it will be a great honor for me to be beside my brother at his graduation day. I was the simulator for the Single Photon Device project in my university and it was impossible to take a vacation at that time because we were waiting for a professor from America to see my results but my professor is a generous man so he accepted to give me one day vacation after I had to tell him that he is my brother in Islam and he asked my help and support so it is impossible for me to say No for him. My graduation final ceremony will be after 10 days and I remembered Omar feelings now because I have already bought my tickets and I am waiting for that day to go back to my lovely country . I miss my family, Port Said, and Egypt. Also, I will be alone in my last day in Korea after 10 days and really I wanted to see my mother beside me at that day  but I used to say to myself that ...........
My God - Allah - is with me all the time and he is perfect and he is enough for me.

إن كنت مع الله كان الله معك            إن كنت مع الله كنت في حماية الله