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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Achievements in South Korea in the Last Two Years

I have attached to this post the most important recommendation letter which was written for me in my whole life in South Korea and it is my second biggest achievement beside my M.S. degree. I have more three letters from three prestigious Korean professors but Prof.Dr.Kurt E.Geckeler was so close to me in everything in my life in South Korea. Prof.Dr.Kurt E.Geckeler is a German professor and he is one of the backbones of GIST. He is the editor in chief for a very prestigious scientific journal and the Director of a department in World Class University. He got a huge amount of money from the Korean government to construct that department. He is very big so no one can give him orders so he gave me A+ in his class and he gave me too too much of his time and he is the most professor who I have spent time with him. He wrote about me several beautiful things in this letter. This letter is sealed from GIST so it is an official letter. He said that " Hassan is a talented creative independent thinker " and really I don't want anymore because these adjective are more than enough for me. He knows me very well from his class, department seminars, the institute's bulletin board and also he was one of my M.S. Committe Members. I would like to tell him that I am too much grateful and thankful for him for all what he had done for me.

I have proposed more than 13 scientific proposals in the last year only [last year only] but I am going to explain Four proposals only to prove my creativity and also to offer my ideas to the people who are interested to cooperate with me. Also, I will attach my accepted proposal as a poster in The 10th Asia Pacific Physics Conference. I have been told by Koreans that we cannot execute them because of some troubles in our devices in the institute and we need more advanced devices [New MOCVD and Advanced Lithography Techniques] and…….etc. but my advisor said that all of them are very great and compeletly new. All these ideas are completely mine and I have clear proofs to prove each word and the date of each proposal is authenticated through an email.

Proposal No.1 (The Mixing of the Concept of Fiber with the Concept of LED)
I proposed to mix the main idea of fibers to LEDs, VCSLEs, SPEs, and all kinds of light emitters. The fiber will be built in over these devices and by that technique we can solve the problem of coupling and also we will solve the problem of collecting the single photons.

Proposal No.2 (The shortest cavity for a Single Photon Device)
I proposed to use the main idea of the airy DBR technique to have the shortest cavity ever by using a cavity between two metals. We will have the shortest cavity and the highest Quantum effects according to Purcell Factor.

Proposal No.3 (New Quantum Experiments)
I proposed to mix the proposal No.1 with the proposal No.2 to make a coupling between two Quantum Dots or more and also we can make synchronization which will enable us to work in the space and in the time. We will have movies instead of images and we will have new approach to the wave-particle duality.

Proposal No.4 (A New Kind of LED)
I proposed to use the Airy DBR technique to have a completely new kind of RCLED. It will be an ordinary RCLED which consists of two metals but with double injection. I mean we will have ordinary Semiconductor Diode and Schottky Diode in one device and I have addressed it as THE SUPER LED.

Proposal No.5 (Elsisi Technique and The Channels Model)
My Oldest Proposal and My Poster in The 10th Asia Pacific Physics Conference