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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Most Extreme Christians In The World

First, I would like to mention that Egypt is my first home and South Korea is my second home. I love both of them two much and I was too much loyal to both of them. I love lots of great Korean people but I hate some Christians who are fundamentalists and they are my enemies and the enemies for all humans.

Second, Although, Christianity in South Korea is very very new but it is the country number 2 in the whole world in missionary !!!?. Buddhists and Atheists have huge troubles with christians in South Korea although they are more than 50 % of the whole population !!. I will attach some clips from YouTube - there are Lots in YouTube - and I will write a small comment about the torture which I have received for several months by those Christians. You will not believe what you will see in the coming clips and I have seen similar bad things of that kind by my own eyes in South Korea. I am from Port Said - The city of the great fighters - so I succeeded to get my degree and also I have succeeded to make big troubles to several conservative Christians.

Please, watch the coming videos carefully.

The Crazy Korean Christian Church Sermon

Several videos had been removed from Youtube after
I had sent the links to the Korean embassy in Egypt by fax and by emails.

Crazy Korean Christians make children crazy

South Korean Christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse

Korean president Lee Myung-bak religion discrimination

Korean Christians don't like Islam

Korean Idiots - The Most Extreme Christians in the world

I said that in public in Korea and I said that to the administration of GIST several times. Lots of respectable professors supported me and lots of them protected me. Some Korean professors and students told me that those people are " The new Christians and they are destroying our country and our reputation " but we cannot do anything for them !!?. I have lots of emails and lots of proofs to prove each word and everything is registered officially. I have been threatened two times that " I will be killed by those new Christians because they don't want any Muslim in their country !!. I didnot allow for anyone to touch my religion or my country and this was my main problem in South Korea. I was a good Egyptian Muslim Fighter who won his war against Fundamentalists. Also, it is important to mention that over than 25 international students took their bags in secret and escaped from this institute in the last yeas without completing their degrees !!? .
هذه المقالة تم نشرها فى صحيفة دنيا الوطن العربية !!

ولن ترضى عنك اليهود ولا النصارى حتى تتبع ملتهم
قل إن هدى الله هو الهدى ولئن اتبعت أهواءهم بعد الذي جاءك من العلم ما لك من الله من ولي ولا نصير