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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Reply To A Comment From Germany

I have received a comment from Germany on my previous article so I thought to post my reply to that comment …….

Dear Anne,

I miss you too much. I am a person who chooses his words carefully so I meant the word 
torture exactly because I was so close to die without any exaggeration. The psychological torture is the most painful thing in our world. My first advisor was one of the most important powerful people in my university and he said in public and in front of the students in a lecture that Muslims are thieves and we stole our religion from Christianity through a long story although I was a Muslim in front of him so I told him in front of the students that his behavior isn't educational and not acceptable. Some Korean students told me that they are teaching them in the Korean churches that Muslims have Quran in one hand and the knife in the other hand and as you know Korea is the country number 2 in the whole world in missionary. There is a big difference between to invite someone for a religion and to force someone by your power to believe in a religion!!My first advisor who was the Dean of planning and one of the most powerful people in the university told me that I should eat pork because my God sleeps at afternoon as an indirect insulting to Islam so I left the dinner for him and I kept fighting with him for months till I succeeded to change the laboratory to another laboratory. I became under the supervision of an atheist professor who is very famous but they kept persecuting me for one year. 

My first advisor was a very active person in the church  in South Korea so he was knowing what he is doing very well. Another Christian professor told me in a form of an indirect threat that I have to go back to Egypt when I asked from him to help me to change my laboratory because he believes that Korea became the country of Christians only and he told me that all the Christians will be my enemies if I complained to the president of GIST about their behavior with non Christians but I complained to the president and I told him that the university is for science not for missionary and we shouldn't discuss religions like this at all. The president protected me till I got my degree although he was also a Christian but the president was a powerful respectable Christian not a fundamentalist !!. Three international and Muslim students had huge troubles with this professor and they left his laboratory and one of them escaped to America without completing his degree !!?. 

Everything is registered officially and the whole university knows all these stories and my problem because it was a very long battle. Some great respectable Korean students and professors supported me and protected me but most of them are Buddhists and atheists. I complained to the Korean embassy and the prime Minster of Korea when I returned back to Egypt and I gave them clear proofs. The Assistant of the Korean ambassador in Cairo met with me after his request to meet me in the embassy after I had sent a detailed message to The Prime Minster of Korea.  Also, it is important to mention that over than 25 international  students took their bags in secret and escaped from this institute in the last yeas without completing their degrees because of different reasons although it is one of the top institutes in the world !!?.