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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Michael Moore, Toshio Tamogami, And Korea

I have received three beautiful comments on my previous article from Germany, France and Saudi Arabia so I thought to reply to all of them through this article.

Dear Anne, Hussein, and Fatma,

Michael Moore is a very great famous director. He loves America too much so he is a real patriot but he refused the behavior and the politics of George W. Bush and he fought him through media for long time and at last all the people appreciated his work because all people knew that Bush was a very big liar about Iraq and Michael Moore got the Oscar. This is the real role of cinema and media which is to enhance our life and our earth and to fight corruption. Also, I am fond of Korea and I love Koreans but I hate the fundamentalists who are torturing Buddhists and atheists beside they don't respect the religions and beliefs of the other people. Also, I hate them because they are making missionary operations by money and by using their power and I saw all of these kinds by my own eyes in Korea. I told the Prime Minster of Korea about these illegal operations of missionary against the Muslim workers and foreigners. There is a big difference between Muslims and Islam and also there is a big difference between Christianity and Christians. All of us are brothers because all of us are humans but the Islamic fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, and all kinds of fundamentalists are the enemies of humanity. Religious tolerance is a necessity if we are going to get along.  We need to be tolerant of those who have different religious beliefs.  We should not hate and persecute someone because of his or her faith. All of us are brothers because all of us are humans !!?.

Toshio Tamogami was the head of the Japanese air force .He had been be sacked after saying the country was not an aggressor in World War II. Japan's defense minister said Toshio Tamogami's views, written in an essay, ran counter to the government's position on the war. "Therefore it is inappropriate for him to remain in this position and I will swiftly dismiss him,"

The Japanese government was a clever respectable responsible government by taking that decision and I expect the same from the Korean government because the Dean of planning in GIST insulted all Muslims and all the Arabian countries !!I mentioned the same story and other similar stories to the cultural counselor of the Korean embassy in Egypt in our first meeting after he had asked about what should Korea do if the Dean of planning refused to give me an official apologize. The cultural counselor supported all my points in front of the Egyptian employee because all people in Korea knows those kinds of fundamentalists who are making huge troubles for all non Christians in Korea.