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Friday, June 4, 2010

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

Samsung LED company donated several hundreds of thousands of dollars to my laboratory to buy advanced devices. This step was my proposal no.5 about collecting donations from big companies in the bulletin board. I have attached the page which proves each word and also it contains a comment from a Vietnamese student about one of my presentations in Nano-ceramics. My advisor has a good relation with Samsung through projects. I told him that we need advanced devices and Samsung should support us to get them.  I had 9 public proposals and 3 nonpublic proposals between me and the administration. 

The celebration of the donation  was held yesterday. This picture contains the CEO of the Samsung LED company and the president of GIST - in the middle - and my advisor and CISS director. I talked about these three peoples in details before in the Men Of Honor article while I was commenting on the pictures which we took together in 2009. I think they let me express my ideas and proposals freely in science and also in life because they believed in my talent .  My Congratulations to Mr.President and to Prof.Dr.Seong-Ju Park who was a very great kind advisor who gave me lots of his time and wisdom.

I don't want to say that I am smart or I am creative but I wanted to send a message with proofs through this Blog to our Arabian world that, the Arabian youth have the talent and they can make big differences when you give us the opportunity. I have several big dreams and I dream that all the Arabian nations will be one nation someday. I know that it is difficult nowadays so I hope that we can make a very big Arabian university which will be one of the top 10 in the world. My dream is to participate in constructing an advanced scientific Arabian university. My works at the Korean University was like an experimental trial for my big dream and I think it was a very good successful experiment. The Arabian world will be back by True Islam and the scientific research not by speeches. I have attached my picture with the president of GIST because I respect and I love him too much. He is a great leader who made a completely new GIST in the last year only !!. I think the change is the only constant in our universe and I am a person who is fond of change in life and in science. I dream to make a real progress in science through publishing 1 paper only because one real paper will be enough.

اطلبوا العلم ولو في الصين