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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday, North Korea threatened South Korea seriously and the Pope of Vatican apologized to the Irish sex abuse victims so I thought to write this article about Politics, Cinema and Physics in the same time. I am fond of physics since I was in the secondary school and also I am fond of teaching physics. I believe in that Politics is a branch of physics like all other sciences. I like all branches of knowledge and I have the ability to correlate all of them. For example, if we look carefully to the classical mechanics, we will find it is similar to the science of sociology because it concerns with the study of large amount of peoples and if we look carefully to the science of psychology we will find it is similar to the Quantum mechanics because it deals with single atoms which at last can form macroscopic scale.  

In more simpler words you cannot understand the Quantum mechanics unless you are good in classical mechanics because both of them lead to each other at the end. The science of sociology and the science of psychology are the same because both of them will lead to each other. Most of the scientific simulations have troubles nowadays because lots of scientists don't have the ability to link the classical mechanics and the quantum mechanics in their calculations and simulations.  

The Godfather series for Al Pacino is one the best series ever in Cinema history and it can teach us the concept of politics and the relations between money, religion, power, corruption, and Politics. I remembered that movie directly after I had seen the apology of Pope for the sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. I think our world is governed by power and interests not morals nor laws and the real concepts of civilization, democracy, laws, UN, ........ and humanity are existing  in books only because the real world is totally different.

As usual, I will avoid to explain anything in details but I will give hints only.

1. India and Pakistan were one nation and they are brothers but they are threatening to destroy each other by Nuclear weapons.

2. North Korea and south Korea were one nation and they are brothers but they are threatening to destroy each other by Nuclear weapons.

The question is " What are the roles of America and China in those two crises !!? "

As usual, I will avoid to explain anything in details but I will give hints only.

1. Israel and Arabs are cousins but they have the hottest conflict nowadays.

The question is " When should Arabs deal with America and Israel as one thing and when 
should Arabs deal with them as two different things !!? "

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